New Shoes

   You try every pair of running shoes available in your size, filtering out the ones that feel wrong at the heel, around the toes or under your collapsed arches. You rule out the most expensive, because – well – you have school fees to pay. Then dismiss the pair in the crazy colours that […]

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Cycling in the UK and SA

   I grew up cycling in the UK, decades ago, touring and time trialling, compulsory cycling proficiency tests in primary school, and bombing around the village streets with other free-range kids on bikes. Thirty years on I’m raising my own brood, trying to share the love, and living as a pretty well integrated ‘alien’ in […]

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Running to stand still

  Standing still (when you just want to go).  2015 has been a challenge, two steps forward, two steps back. The first three months was spent between the dentist (repeatedly) and healing skin and ligaments in my neck and wrist. Learning to get comfortable and regain some confidence at speed on the bike. I thought I […]

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The awkwardness of adolescence

As the parent of hormone-bursting, agonisingly-awkward pre-teen twins, I recently began having flashbacks to my own childhood cringe moments. There are so many, I’m amazed to have survived – at the time these things happened I just wanted to DIE of shame.   My parents were NOT NORMAL. I see them as the incredible human beings […]

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Just F#%^ing Race

This weekend is 70.3 World Champs in Zell-am-Zee Austria, and I’m not there; 2015 didn’t quite follow my plan. Kona didn’t follow my plan either, so plan B it is this year. Plan B is nice and simple. Plan B is ‘Just f#%^ing race!’. It’s not a ‘nice’ trait, but if I find myself on […]

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 I love the feeling of being fit and strong.  The lowest point I remember in my life so far, was when I had glandular fever (mononucleosis), 9 months in, and no sign of it passing.  Some days the virus would appear to have passed, only to leave me lethargic, flat on my back for whole […]

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